Welcome to RCM MUSIC PVT. LTD.

M/s RCM MUSIC PVT. LTD. was Established in the year 2012 on activity of editing,composing & recording of music,video,film and to run sound recording studios or motion picture production house including auxiliary activities of motion picture and video production,on a fee or contract basis,such film editing,cutting and dubbing etc.

RCM carry on the business as producers,distributors,exhibitors,importers and exporters of motion pictures,including feature films,short films,promotional films,news and documentary films,satellite channel,T.V commercials,T.V Serials,Government films,multimedia,interactive T.V & Video and to purchase,import,export,take on hire,or otherwise acquire cinematography films and motion pictures with distributing,exhibiting and renting rights, dubbing,substituting,translation rights in any language and to sell,give on hire,export of otherwise distribute,exploit or give on distribution the films and rights so acquired and also company's productions with their exhibiting and renting rights or negative rights both for indian and overseas markets.

We are also deel on the business of organising entertainment shows,Event management,fashion shows,organising fairs,releasing music albums,advertising,to produce films and serials,to market serials and films,to do public relations for corporate and non coporate sector.

To take on hire,lease,acquire,assign,organise and oterwise deal with copyright,trademark in respect of processing, production, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, screening of all type of television films,programmes,serials,documentary,cultural and advertisement films,news capsules,plays,drama,entertainment cultural shows,audio-video albums,cassettes,CD,youtube channel and every kind of entertainment diversion or instruction or media in India & abroad.